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Board and Parent Support

2018-2019 PWHA Board of Directors


Gregg Stevens
Guy Perry

Vice President:
Mary Gamache

Jodie Rea

At Large Board Members:
Tommy Rose
J. P. Aragon
 Troy Pladsen


Contact the following individuals for assistance, if interested in helping please email Mary Gamache:

Banquet Team - Jodie Rea, TBD

Photography Team JV games - TBD

Photography Team Varsity games - Troy Pladsen and TBD

Recruiting Team - Guy PerryMary Gamache, Ken Hatch, Coaches, TBD

Registration - Jodie Rea, Mary Gamache

Sponsorship/Fundraising - Tiffany Smith,  Jen Caldwell, or Gregg Stevens

Team Activities Team - Tiffany Smith, Jen Caldwell, Mary Gamache, TBD

Videography Team Varsity - TBD

Videography Team JV - TBD

Website - Mary Gamache