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Sponsors Join the Best Group of Players add your Logo today!

By Mary Gamache, 08/17/18, 8:15PM CDT


Sponsors Join Wildcats Hockey Family Today!

Let us help your business grow.  Wildcats are a proud group of players and families that support its locate individual and family business as well as local franchises.  Join us today by adding your website link, logo, name and story to our website.

Depending on what sponsorship you choose we can offer the following:

Support: Team and families will support the individuals and businesses

Location:  website link, logo and name -Front page in scrolling banner with other supports or by yourself,  Full or half page on the Sponsors Page with story, name, logo, link to website or email

Time:   1/2 a season  (Sept to December), Full season (Sept to February) or Full year (Sept 2018 to Sept 2019 from the day you start your add)

Small add with changes. Number of changes with the add:  This would depend on your length of time on the Wildcats website: 2 changes  (1/2 season), five changes (Full season), 9  changes (Full Year).

The money you invest in our players will help the community and family of hockey in the Plano area.  Please join us today!

Thank you for  your support!



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